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  • Beneath The Surface book Seconds by Shelley Husband
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Seconds Beneath the Surface book - Australia & NZ Only

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Sometimes, things go a bit wrong with the physical books – a printing misfeed, a wrong name written when signing if requested, or they might get a bit banged up about the corners in shipping to me. When this happens, I will list any slightly imperfect books at $5 off the usual price here.


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There are photos showing the damage so you can check it out.  The contents are totally fine, it's just the above that make it not perfect. 

Beneath the Surface Book

Join me in an exercise in calm as you make the simple, yet effective Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket. This is a project perfect for the adventurous beginner, with only the simplest of stitches used to make the solid base of the blanket.  

After the squares are made, surface crochet is added in a contrasting colour to make the circles and squares on top. You'll be able to succeed as there are videos for every pattern, the surface crochet and the joining. You won't put a stitch wrong.  As an added bonus, charts for all patterns are included.

Available in UK or US terms and in paperback.

Skill Level

If you can crochet a traditional granny square, you have all the skills you need to tackle Beneath the Surface.  Not only is there plenty of help in the book, there are also links to video tutorials of every pattern.

Project details 

The blanket is 164 cm square (64") and to make it you'll need Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton (2.43 metres per gram) or equivalent.

Main colour:  1,400 to 1,600 grams
Surface Crochet: 500 to 600 grams

Getting the book 

I will post the book to you the next business day after your order.

As a bonus, you can download the PDF version as soon as checkout is complete. The link to download will be on the order confirmation screen, in your order confirmation email and in your account, if you have one.

If you'd like the digital only option, you can find that here

The book order is only available for Australian & NZ folks. If you're in the US, UK or elsewhere, you can purchase the book now from, and Barnes and Noble.