• Karyn C

    "I love receiving your weekly emails and hearing about what you are up to with your designing and what projects you are working on. Also, what other people are making. Gives us all so many new ideas and what the process is for you.

    I started crocheting again about 5 years ago and love all the new designs that I have found. Started with patterns on Pinterest and then my daughter brought me one of your books. A whole new world has opened up for me. I love the challenge and your designs are so beautiful."

  • Trisha C

    "As I am an early riser I love getting your email as I can sit in the quite (as husband still in bed) with a coffee and slowly read it. I love the way you enjoy designing the patterns and your enthusiasm for crocheting. I am self-taught in crocheting and since I have brought your books I have started to crochet and I find your books great and your little helping hints are good."

  • Linda S

    "I love reading your newsletter! Reading your newsletter feels like we’re having a chat. It’s so great to catch up on all your news and to hear about your process and progress. It feels personal and real."

  • Marilyn V

    "I really enjoy your emails. You write in a friendly, inclusive style that feels like a chat over a cup of coffee. Your photos are inspiring and make me feel excited about the possibilities."

  • Michaela P

    "Your emails are fun, informative, chatty and inspiring. I look forward to reading them. I've been a subscriber to MANY different email newsletters and blogs over the years and I think you have found the almost perfect blend in yours. Looking forward to seeing what you've got on the cooker for later."

  • Tiffany T

    "I just have to say I LOVE reading your emails, they are never boring, they are fun and interesting and inspiring, and I love that you constantly want to engage with your followers, which we all need at the moment.  Thank you for your warm lovely emails, they put a smile on my face every time!"

  • Vicki C

    "I love getting your emails. I always feel like you are talking to everyone, rather than just typing. Love your books."

  • Cathy L

    "I love receiving your emails especially in these troubled times. Your creations are amazing! Seeing what you are working on! It’s all encouraging and a break from all the negative news!"

  • Sam T

    "Always makes me feel like I’m getting a letter from a friend. I always open and read them with my morning coffee before the day starts."

  • Melissa C

    "I love to receive your emails Shelley as it makes me feel like I am part of a big wide world of crochet! They are inspiring with beautiful photographs."

  • Sharon G

    "Your emails make my fingers twitch…itching to grab a hook and yarn!

    I am enjoying being inspired by your thoughts on many things crochet."

  • Jeanette G

    "I love to see your emails pop onto my screen.  I know I’m in for some interesting reading and some beautiful pictures."

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