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  • Radiance Floor Rug by Shelley Husband
  • A purple Radiance Floor Rug by Shelley Husband sits on the bathroom floor next to a bath. The floor is mid grey tiles and the edge of the bath is dark grey stone tile. There is a brown bath towel hanging over the bath’s edge. A herringbone pattern of long subway tiles in with with dark grout lines the back wall. At the back edge of the bath, behind the rug, is a large white planter on a light oak stand, with a fiddle leaf like plant inside.
  • A bedroom scene with a Radiance Floor Rug by Shelley Husband in grey in the middle of the image on a slight stained hardwood floor. The rug has a circular design that it mandala like that has triangular edges all around the outside. To the left of the rug a white metal framed bed with a grey quilt cover. Behind the rug is a rattan woven, high back armchair with seat cushion and decorative cushions.
  • Cream Radiance Floor Rug by Shelley Husband in front of a sectional couch.
  • Close up of cream Radiance Floor Rug by Shelley Husband
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Radiance Floor Rug

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Radiance Floor Rug Pattern

I have wanted to make a floor rug for a very long time, so when I saw some super bulky yarn, I jumped at the chance to have a play.  Radiance is the result.

The pattern also includes all the information to make the rug in rope.  I've made a smaller version, stopping part way through the pattern as well as remaking the whole rug.

Fine cotton works well for a lacier, more traditional doily look.

The pattern works up quite fast with only 31 rounds in total.

I have made the pattern as print-friendly as I can, so you can choose to just print the written pattern and refer to the pictures on your screen if you need to check anything.

The pattern includes;

  • a written pattern (you choose UK or US terms),
  • charts,
  • round by round photos
  • Yarn version as well as rope version

Rug size

For the original yarn version: approx 129 cm (51") from point to point.

For the Scalloped Edge Small Rope version: 140 cm (55”) Star Pointed Large

You will need:

For the original yarn version, I used super bulky acrylic yarn with a 9 mm crochet hook. 

For the Scalloped Edge Small Rope version I used 346 metres of 3mm recycled cotton rope and a 10 mm hook. (1 roll = 139 m/152 yds)

For the Large Rope version, I used 595 metres of 3mm recycled cotton rope and a 10 mm hook. (1 roll = 139 m/152 yds)

How to access the pattern

This is the digital PDF pattern. Your download link will be on the order confirmation screen, in your order confirmation email and in your account, if you have one.